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Across the team we all managed the global development of some of the most respected distilleries in Scotland across each whisky category and diverse positioning. Only through the creation of authentic, relevant, viable and fun brands can the business survive and prosper: we started with whisky and are moving into rums.

Our Brands

We want to create brands that are authentic, true and honest – brands that are meeting consumers expectations. Rest & Be Thankful independent bottling range has been a great start in that respect and from all our experiences we are now all driven in releasing innovative brands across spirits we all love.


We work with brands we own, brands we have created and brands that we have invested in. Authenticity is key : we have been involved with Waterford whisky & Renegade rum since their very inception and hence it’s a joy to build the distribution network and introduce these brands and the values of terroir, transparency and traceability that they represent to consumers around the world.

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